Support Employment Programme

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Our Support Employment Programme is run in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, Careers Scotland, Dundee F.C and Dundee United    F. C. The programme consists of various types of motivational and confidence building training, communication, employability training, first aid, team building and football activities.

 The Support Employment programme is run over a 10 week period and aims to use the allure of football to assist people further from the labour market to become job ready.   This unique programme develops the skills and abilities necessary to secure suitable, sustainable employment.  Working with our partners has been vital to this programme both financially and in terms of expertise.

We at Claverhouse and our partners are proud of our involvement in the delivery of this groundbreaking community based employability programme which enables people to turn their lives around and gain confidence to set achievable goals for the future.

The Support Employment programme is currently running at St Johnstone F.C in Perth and is managed by our Kevin Buchan and Lesley English from Jobcentre Plus.   In the second week of running, the programme is coming along successfully and the guys are learning new skills and are enjoying the football activities they are learning from Coach Chris Steeves.

We aim to monitor this programme’s effectiveness throughout the 10 week duration. 


Our Support Employment team (above), coach Chris Steeves (below).


Courier Article – Timber Recycling

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Friday 12th March 2010 –  An article in the courier for our new Timber Recycling project.

Timber Recycling Project

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We at Claverhouse have joined up with a local contractor and Dundee College to develop a unique partnership, creating new jobs under Future Jobs Fund.  We are launching a new Timber Recycling project in Dundee to help young people move into work, gain valuable experience and benefit the community. 

Together with Bovis Lend Lease and their sub-contractor Skene Group we have been given the opportunity to recover all of the used timber coming out of the re-development of Dundee College’s Gardyne Road Campus.   

6 local young people have already been employed under Future Jobs Fund to recover and process the timber, there will also be a number of additional jobs supported in segregating and transporting the wood during the demolition phase at the college.

 The project will create a lasting legacy in Dundee, providing a bank of training materials for use by ourselves and other partners of the Dundee Accord.  We also plan to create a range of timber products for sale through our social enterprise outlets and provide cuts of timber at low cost to public for DIY projects.

Cycle Stop: Bike Sale

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Wednesday 17th March:  Our Cycle stop staff held a bike sale at the University of Dundee.  We took a wide selection of gents and ladies bikes and sold well over half the stock within 3 hours.  The bike sale attracted a lot of attention from the students who loved the bikes and were really impressed by our prices.    

Cycling maps were also handed out by Dundee Travel Active with flyers offering bike lessons for those who do not know how to ride a bike.


Frankie Watt

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Frankie Watt was doing a Joinery apprenticeship at Perth College. He successfully completed 2 years of the apprenticeship but then withdrew in his final year because of some personal problems. 

Frankie enrolled on our 13week ETF Programme and had been successfully attending the programme for 9 weeks when our Timber Specialist Ally Dunbar spotted Frankie’s creative wood work and offered him a 6 months temporary position as a Timber Recycling operative on the Future Jobs Fund Scheme.  

Ally Dunbar then contacted Margaret from Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) who is trying to help Frankie complete his Joinery Apprenticeship, using his employment at Claverhouse.   

 “Claverhouse has put me in the right direction; it has given me good opportunities and a lot of motivation. I’m re-learning key skills to get back into the trade.  Being in employment has also put me back in the routine of waking up early.” said Frankie.

Frankie has been working with us at Claverhouse for 3 weeks now and is now waiting on his skills test to come through. 

We hope all goes well for Frankie

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